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Our Ayurvedic oils are enriched with plants ! It’s great for edges growth , hair growth and helps seal moisture. Our Ayurvedic oil is great for the scalp and infused with safe plants . Ayurvedic oil strengthens the hair , provides lustre , helps with length retention. BrownSkin Orire Ayurvedic oil is one of our [...]


Brownskin hair butter is carefully made and formulated for hair growth and making it Lustrous. Our hair butter also doubles as a hair moisturizer and helps boost edges.

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Our black soap treat is deep cleansing and doubles as an exfoliator enriched with natural herbs like sandalwood, honey, turmeric, and essential oils for glowing and rejuvenation.


Our Vitamin C revive is made from high quality all natural ingredients for that healthy and all natural skin , it’s rich with hyaluronic acid that reduces scarring after acne, it’s chemical free and contains no harmful ingredients

How to use; After cleansing the skin , apply two or three drops and massage gently to the face and neck . Use daily in the morning and evening. Discontinue use if irritation occurs;


Vitamin E ,hyaluronic acid , Vitamin C, B12


Our Tumeric face and Body scrub has great exfoliating properties! Works perfectly for the face and body . Scrub it off !!!! Benefits Provides a thorough exfoliation to remove dead skin cells while removing dead skin cells . Exfoliation is the first step to a clean skin . Ingredients Brown sugars , cane sugar, safflower [...]

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Our yummy mix shea butter is enriched with extra virgin oils offer a long list of nutrients: like mango butter, essential oils


Brownskin hair oil is great for dandruff, flakes, locks, braids and can be used as a hot hair steam treatment for dry scalp and hair oil.

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Our avocado and mango mix is cold pressed extra virgin oils offer a long list of nutrients: proteins, vitamins, and free fatty acids. These are excellent building blocks for fresh new healthy hair and skin

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